The Zombie Showoff

Christine McLean and Callum Murphy have taken the time to discuss Zombies in the National Museum Scotland and their experiences at the Museums Showoff event. You can read their thoughts below.

Our first Scottish Museums Showoff event and a chance to show off about Zombies in The National Museum of Scotland at, appropriately, The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh!

Zombies in the Museum.

Zombies in the Museum was an event, aimed at young people aged 14+, organised by young adults to mark the end of our two-year project, Scotland Creates, A Sense of Place.  Working with LAStheatre Company and The Science Ceilidh Band, we recruited a – literally – die-hard core of zombies, with full make up and attitude, to scare the living daylights out of our audience.  More make-up, zombie dance moves and some real science facts were crammed in to the evening and the zombies took over the whole museum as darkness fell.
Zombies in the Museum.
We asked two of our co-conspirators, Aileen and Callum, to Show Off about zombies at The Voodoo Rooms and they rose to the occasion, with another cracking script, each taking the role of a scientist realising that – uh oh – the zombies are out there!

Here’s what Callum had to say about the Showoff event:

The night was fun, it was great to be with the team again and to bring back a little piece of the zombie take-over.  The night overall was very funny with the comedy and the getting to see what the other museums were up to.

Zombies in the Museum.

I felt that we brought more fun to the night with acting and being both scientists. This was a bit odd because we were both zombies on the big night, at the museum. But hey – we are both okay, no more cases of biting people so far (ha ha).  Showoff was one of my favourite nights but my favourite of all time was being a zombie.

Zombies in the Museum.

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