Out on the Road with ScARF – Day 2

Picking up from where I left off yesterday, I spent today working in and around Mintlaw. There are two key places here: the Aberdeenshire council museum service HQ and Aberdeenshire Farming Museum, the latter located in Aden Country Park. They’re just a few minutes from each other and have been the focus of my attention today. Each time I come to work in Mintlaw I make sure to spend some time in the collections store. I don’t think there is any real substitute for time spent looking through the collections (this I’ve mentioned before). The only problem here is to keep focused on the Scottish material and not get distracted by the fascinating collections from shores further afield – notable mentions for their many and varied Arctic objects and artefacts.

Image 02

Myself and Fiona, curator at the museums service, took to Aden Farming Museum which has some of the Recognised collection on display. What strikes me about this museum is how much the interpretation speaks of the surrounding landscape; it is the specific nature of the land and the manner in which it has been exploited for thousands of years that interests the archaeologist in me. I’m really looking forward to seeing the research framework we’re producing as part of this project coming together – we keep saying that farming and fishing are appropriate topics for the regions in which we’re working but seeing museums like this brings it home.

I can’t write about working at Museums HQ without mentioning a particularly special member of staff: Chico! He keeps the staff company in the offices here, as well as providing cuddles for visitors like me and playing guard dog.

Chico the museum dog. ©Anna MacQuarrie
Chico the museum dog. ©Anna MacQuarrie

I think he’s a pretty good contribution to #DogsinMuseums. I’ve got one more day on the cards here – that means one more blog post and a few more cuddles with Chico.

Get in touch: anna@socantscot.org

For more information on ScARF go here: http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/

For more information on the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland see here: http://www.socantscot.org/

This project is being funded by Historic Environment Scotland and Museums Galleries Scotland.

Ceramic vessel from Inverurie in a basket ©Anna MacQuarrie
Ceramic vessel from Inverurie in a basket ©Anna MacQuarrie
Image 05
Spindle whorls of all kinds in storage ©Anna MacQuarrie

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